Southern California

A Beautiful Location to Recover

With a nearly perfect climate, Southern California is the location of choice for many young people seeking to detox and recover from drug use and alcohol abuse. With hardly any humidity or mosquitos, the outdoor environment is a major part of the healing process for our clients. Many of our treatment homes have pools, and we believe that sun, water, and sand are some of the greatest tools as we help you pursue health.

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West Coast Lifestyle

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Our recovery homes are in residential neighborhoods without the stigma of a medical facility. We want you to feel right at home with your own bed and place to store your clothes and other belongings. While most facilities offer shared rooms, we can make arrangements for a private setting if you are seeking a more luxurious recovery experience. The West Coast is a unique culture that tends to be more laid-back, beach-oriented, and open to people with their own unique style. If you feel a bit out of place where you are at the moment, you’ll fit right in at Black Sheep.

A Fresh Start

Experience the Hug-Life Instead of Thug-Life

If you’ve been on the run or without your own place for some time, it can be easy to harden-up and be in protection mode 24/7. Once you get to know everyone in your recovery home, our hope is that you’ll start to trust once again. We have a funny saying that life is all about “hugs not drugs”, and it’s true. We’re committed to dropping the thug-life and living the hug-life. Wanna join us?

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