5 Things You Need to Know
About Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Time to Get Real

Let’s be honest with one another.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, we’re here to help. The grip of drugs and alcohol can be a terrifying reality for family and friends, and that’s why we’re completely upfront about what you’ll experience at Black Sheep Recovery. With numerous residential treatment centers in our network, we help you find the location that’s the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

1. You Need to Experience a Fresh Start in Southern California.

Drug Treatment Centers in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego

The West Coast has a culture that tends to be more beach-oriented, laid-back and welcoming to people who have a different perspective on life. If you feel a bit out of place where you are at the moment, you’ll fit right in at Black Sheep. If you’re already located in Southern California, we can place you in a treatment center that is away from an area that might trigger a relapse. We have locations throughout the southland. From Hollywood to Orange County to Temecula to San Diego, we offer some of the most comfortable, residential treatment centers in the nation.

2. You Need Us to Work Closely With Your Insurance.

PPO and HMO Insurance Accepted

After you’ve decided that Southern California is the place for your fresh start, we ask you to provide us with your insurance information. It only take a couple of minutes to fill out the quick intake form, and we’ll verify your insurance policy within a matter of minutes. If it happens to be after regular business hours for your insurance company, we’ll contact them the very next business day. Understanding your unique policy will help us determine the opportunities that you have for treatment, and we can work with you on a payment plan for any deductible or out of pocket expenses are required.

3. You Need a Treatment Center That’s Right for You.

Your unique situation is our greatest concern.

While there are many similarities among those of us who struggle with addiction, we understand that your situation is unique. Why? Because you are unique. Based on your drug of choice, age, background, and spirituality, we help to place you in a residential drug and alcohol treatment center in Southern California that is a great fit for your personally. With over twenty locations in our network, we are aware of the make up of the clients in each home, and we can place you in a situation that will be a great fit for your journey toward freedom. We have male-only, female-only, co-ed, couples, pet-friendly, and music-friendly locations. If you’re not within driving distance, oftentimes we’re able to cover the cost of a plane ticket to get you directly to your treatment center.

4. You Need Holistic Care and Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction.

Our multi-disciplinary approach is proven effective.

Most individuals come to us in need of a seven to ten day drug detox to rid themselves of harmful substances. Within 24 hours of arrival at the treatment center, you will be seen by a physician to determine to discuss your unique medical situation and whether any medical aid is needed in your detox process. In addition to detox, we strongly recommend a comprehensive 30, 60, or 90 day program to develop a new way of thinking and experiencing life. Sober living is a major adjustment for those of us who have turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with life. Our 24-hour residential treatment programs include high-quality food, a clean and safe living environment, daily groups, activities, and therapy and a fun, social setting. If spirituality and faith is part of your life, we have specific tracks to help integrate this important aspect of your treatment. (And, yes, you can smoke cigarettes while you are in treatment.)

southern california drug treatment

5. You Need a Set-Up for a Come-Back.

Your set-back is a set-up for a come-back.

If you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol and can’t quit, now is the time to get help. Waiting longer will only make things worse, and you could be putting your life at risk. Your family and friends are concerned. They’re not trying to control you or manipulate you. They just want to help, and so do we. Once you get to know everyone in your recovery home, our hope is that you’ll start to trust once again. We have a funny saying that life is all about “hugs not drugs”, and it’s true. We’re committed to dropping the thug-life and living the hug-life. Wanna join us?